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The Winemaker 

Amichai Luria always had a passion for making wine. When he first started at Shiloh Winery in 2005, he quickly gained a reputation for quality and professionalism. Under his guidance, Shiloh wines have been awarded gold medals and international recognition at the highest level. Amichai’s ability to work with many different varieties of grapes and styles of wine, while consistently delivering exceptional vintages provides wine lovers with unique blends and extraordinary single varietal wines year after year. 

The Vineyard 

The highest quality wines begin with the best soil and the optimal climate conditions for the vineyard. Fortunately, the cool nights and warm days of the Samarian Hills create an ideal climate for grapes. At an elevation between 650 to 900 meters above sea level, our vineyards are situated in areas that have produced the highest quality of wine grapes since biblical times. The winery keeps expanding the vineyards it sources its grapes from, and we now have over 75 acres of vines.


All Shiloh wines are certified by four Kashrut agencies: OK-Kosher, Badatz Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak, Rabbanut (Mehadrin) Mateh Binyamin, as well as Rabbi Yechiel Babad. All Shiloh wines are Kosher-Parve for Passover (Mehadrin) and all year round. Shiloh Winery tithes the grapes, in biblical tradition, and gives them to a family of Levites, and in every third and sixth year of the seven-year Shmita cycle, the winery sets aside unmarked bottles to fulfill the mitzva of Tithing for the Poor. These bottles are distributed to needy families with the help of Social Services and reliable charity organizations.

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