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מהדורה מיוחדת של יין הדגל של היקב, המיוצרת רק בשנים של איכות נדירה

We are honored and thankful to present Shiloh Mosaic Exclusive Edition. This unique and extraordinary wine expresses our commitment to consistency and improved quality throughout the years. It symbolizes our gratitude to God, as all can see, feel and actually drink the blessings of working the land of Israel with our hands. For in the heritage of Joseph land the Torah says: "Blessed by the Almighty is his (Yosef) land with the heavenly bounty of dew and with the deep waters crouching below..." In fact, no other tribal territory was as good and fertile as Joseph's... His portion is cooler and their fruits are sweeter... (Rashi, on Deuteronomy 33:13).
Deep purple in color, Shiloh Mosaic Exclusive Edition showcases aromas of black cherry and mocha. It is a bit jammy at first sip, yet firm tannins fill the mouth, leading to flavors of raspberry, blueberry, dark chocolate, lavender, as well as anise, followed by a long and floral finish.
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